About Us

Our Story

Our story We started our journey on social media by interacting with the largest women’s community to spread awareness for a healthy lifestyle in early 2016, then we created Max Gym based on requests from our followers to help them achieve their fitness goals on the ground. Their desires made Max Gym the largest ladies-only fitness center, in 2017. Max Gym is a fitness center that offers a personalized and scientific approach to long-term health and wellness. Our goal is to help our members achieve their goals by supporting our dedicated team of professionals as well as a host of health assessments.

Our Vision

It is putting a person on the right track through a healthy lifestyle, while providing them with the positive energy they need for a happier and healthier life.



Our Mission

It is to make the entire body change process an unforgettable experience by reaching the highest level of self-acceptance and self-confidence.



Yoga Instructor